Kherson Sea port


The design capacity of the port - 5 million tons per year. In port are processed general, bulk cargoes. More than 40 % of cargoes processed in port - mineral fertilizers both chemical bulk cargoes and packaged, and about 40 % - grain cargoes. In port also processed ferrous metals of all profiles, pig-iron, coke, ferroalloys, wood, peat.


Transfer of the external economic and coasting cargoes
Manufacture of cargo handling works
Packing of bulk chemical fertilizers in 50 kg an eurobag and Big-Bag
Transportation by courts of port fleet of the foreign trade cargoes in ports of the Black and Mediterranean seas
Towing support
Ice conducting
Extraction and sand departure to the address of the client

Port coordinates:

Width - 46 38 ' N;
Longitude - 32 37 ' E;
The port is located on the right coast of Dnepr, in 15 km from its mouth. The approach to it is carried out on the waterway which there takes place on the river the Grabber, to a sleeve Alder Dnepr and actually across Dnepr.
Navigation in the port works throughout all year. A wind - mainly northern and northeast direction.
Days with winds 15 km/s make 10 % in a year and more often are observed from November till March. Fogs happen on the average 19-60 days in a year and 5-6 hours per day proceed. The delta of Dnepr is declared by reserve. It is authorised to go only on sleeves. The pass on the waterway which conducts to the port, does not represent special complexities. Vessels are spent to the winter period when Dnepr freezes, to the port by ice breakers.
The spot-check of the Kherson port represents a river Dnepr part between the top spot-check for river crafts which is located on 1 km on a current from the elevator.


Address: 73000, Ukraine, Kherson, 4 Ushakova str.
lex: 273032 PORT UX
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax +380(552)325252
Phone +380(552)223248
Web-site :

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