Information services

GLORY WebStudio, Kherson

GLORY WebStudio is glad to offer you the services of webpages for both small and large companies design and creation. All pages are created by our company with implementation of the newest web technologies. Our projects are initially designed to be promoted in search engines. Besides:
Webpages with content management system design and creation.
Marketing and technical support of webpages.
Webpages optimization and promotion in search engines.
Internet advertising, creation of banners.
Verification and registration of the domain (domain name).

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Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library

Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library is one of the largest information and cultural centres of Southern Ukraine.

Library stock being almost 1 million documents in 45 languages is always at visitors call. Various pieces of printing are kept here, books, periodicals, information publications, music notes among them. Besides, the Library possesses a great holding of phonograph records, compact discs, filmstrips, slides, cinema-and video films, manuscripts, microfilms, audio books, diskettes and D-ROMs.

The most valuable part of the Library stock is made by publications devoted to local lore, local publications, autographed books, civil publications, scientific, cultural and literary works published during the lifetime of the author, collection of miniature editions, and specimens of polygraphic art.

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