The Kherson branch PrivatBank (KB Privatbank)

About PrivatBank

PrivatBank is the Leader of the Banking Market of Ukraine

Being founded in 1992 the Commercial Bank PrivatBank is the leader of the Ukrainian banking market and the largest local bank based on domestic capital. As of January 1, 2009 the rate of PrivatBanks net wealth makes 80.165 billion UAH. Banks statutory fund makes 5.684 milliard UAH, statutory funds 7.67 billion UAH. Advances portfolio of the bank 72.788 billion UAH. At 2008 year-end the net profit of PrivatBank made 1.292 billion UAH.

In measures of banking market investigation by GFK Ukraine Company in 2008, 23.3 per cent of the respondents living in Ukraine named PrivatBank as the most reliable one. Besides PrivatBank is the most popular and recognizable banking brand in Ukraine, i.e. 64 per cent of inhabitants of the country know PrivatBank. The bank is the leading Ukrainian commercial bank as for the quantity of its clients: over 23 per cent of Ukrainian population uses its services. Today the bank works with 334 thousand corporate clients, 314 thousand private entrepreneurs and over 12.5 million accounts of physical persons among them. As for January 1, 2009 volume of legal bodies finances makes 20.7 billion UAH, including the depositary portfolio of legal persons, 12.430 billion UAH. As for January 1, 2009 volume of physical persons finances attracted by PrivatBank makes 32.754 billion UAH, including the depositary portfolio of physical persons in amount of 27.1 billion UAH.

In 2009 it was the seventh year running when the Global Finance recognized PrivatBank to be the best bank of Ukraine. In the same manner other affluent publications awarded PrivatBank as Best Bank of the Year (The Banker magazine) and as Best Bank (Euromoney magazine).

PrivatBank is a Socially Significant Bank

The Bank is constantly implementing the consistent policy of banks stability strengthening and services provided quality perfection. Modern services for individual clients development is a top-priority direction of PrivatBanks policy. Today it offers more than 150 kinds of modern services, current and supplementary transactions, cash card products, various programs of consumer crediting carried out in close partnership with leading domestic trading, relating companies and motor-car manufacturers among them. PrivatBank is authorized by the Ukrainian Government to pay pensions and social help, as well as to pay indemnities to nazi prosecutions victims. Today the quantity of pension and social payments clients here makes over 1.5 million people. In total more than three fourth of all Ukrainian depositors entrust their finances to PrivatBank. More than 35 per cent of Ukrainian banks clients choose PrivatBank when deciding where to open their current accounts. More than 28 per cent of them transfer money via it.

National Network of Banking Services

PrivatBanks national network includes more than 3.000 branch-offices all over Ukraine. It allows any client to be served at the highest level when being in practically any place of the country. Wide range of foreign partners demonstrates it being recognized as the legal participant of the worlds banking system as well as allows satisfying a wide range of clients requirements, connected to their international activities. The Bank maintains correspondent relations with the largest foreign banks, cooperating with them successfully in various segments of the financial market. PrivatBank is authorized to serve the credit lines of The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), The European Reconstruction and Development Bank and the Ukrainian and German Fund, aimed at small and medium business development. PrivatBank is the only Ukrainian bank possessing its foreign branch on Cyprus. Today the Bank is actively developing the system of modern financial services in Russia, Latvia, Portugal, Georgia via its the affiliated banks Moskomprivatbank (), Paritate Banka, TAO PrivatBank (TAO ). Banks representation offices act in Kazakhstan and China.

Privatbank is the Progressive Banking Services Introduction Leader

PrivatBank is recognized to be the leader of Ukrainian cash cards market. For the current day it has issued more than 18.5 million plastic cash cards (about 40 per cent of the total quantity of the cards emitted by Ukrainian banks). 6,837 banking terminals act in the plastic cash cards service network. Plastic cards may be paid with in more than 46.6 thousand of trading-service points all-over Ukraine. Wide network of card products service points allow the Bank to develop its automated wages delivery with plastic cards service provided to the corporate clients. Innovative services policy realized by PrivatBank is aimed at new progressive services introduction at the Ukrainian market. The services introduced provide the clients with new finances management opportunities. PrivatBank was the first in Ukraine to offer its clients with Privat24 Internet-banking and GSM-banking services as well as electronic vouchers of mobile- and IP-telephony banking terminals sales.

PrivatBank is a Team of Skilled Experts

Reliability and high quality of the banking operations realized are dependent on the experience and competence of the Banks experts. Todays staff of PrivatBank is a team of the skilled experts capable to solve operatively challenges and to satisfy the constantly growing requirements of the clients. Today over 30 thousand employees are working in the Bank, 3,000 of them making the head office. Average age of the employees is 34. Moster part of them, namely 75 per cent, has higher education meeting with the profile of their positions. Favorable conditions for higher and post-graduate education were created in the Bank. Annually more than half of the employees re-educate.

According to the Working Results of 2008 PrivatBank was Awarded as the Best Ukrainian Bank

This was declared by EMEA Finance experts. EMEA Finance is the business paper spread all-over Europe, Near East and Africa. PrivatBank was awarded as the Best Local Bank in Ukraine according to the banks poll numbers, which witnesses its financial stability and leading role in Ukrainian banking market. This poll numbers were specially prepared for the meeting of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to be presented in May, 2009.

According to Global Finance magazine, PrivatBank was awarded as Best Local Bank. As the result of banks clients voting in measures of MasterCard Bank of the year 2008 competition the Bank was declared to be The Most Reliable Bank in Ukraine.

The auditing firm for the Banks financial accounting audit is chosen on the annual basis. Experts of the Bank carry out an overall analysis of audit conditions offered by the Big Four companies. Results of the analysis added by offers of the management are proposed for future consideration of the Bank Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board makes its decision, on the basis of which contract for the next year is signed.

PricewaterhouseCoopers auditing firm, being the leading worlds supplier of professional services, a valid member of the Big Four of international auditor companies, is the international auditor for the Bank.

Except of auditing PricewaterhouseCoopers sometimes provides also consulting services to PrivatBank.


PrivatBank, Kherson Branch Office
Address: Ushakova Avenue, 43, Kherson, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 (552) 32-63-01
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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