Financial and banking services

The Kherson branch PrivatBank (KB Privatbank)

PrivatBank is a socially significant bank. The Banks gradual policy is aimed at strengthening of its stability and perfection of its services quality. PrivatBank considers the complex of its modern services for an individual client to be one of top-priority directions of its work. Today the bank can offers more than 150 kinds of modern services, current, supplementary operations, cash card products, various programs of consumer crediting, implemented in close partnership with leading domestic trading, realtor companies and motor-car manufacturers, among them. is authorized by the Ukrainian Government to pay pensions and social help, as well as to pay indemnities to nazi prosecutions victims. Today the quantity of pension and social payments clients here makes over 1.5 million people. In total more than three fourth of all Ukrainian depositors entrust their finances to PrivatBank. More than 35 per cent of Ukrainian banks clients choose PrivatBank when deciding where to open their current accounts. More than 28 per cent of them transfer money via it.

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