PJSC  Beryslav  Machine-building plant
4300, Beryslav,
Kherson region, Ukraine
Phone/Fax: (05546) 7-41-20,  7-62-37, 7-49-38
 Web-site : www.bmz.com.ua

PJSC "Beryslav Machine Building Plant" is engineering industry enterprise. Located in the Beryslav city, Kherson region. It is subordinated to the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine. Founded in 1897 by R. Ayzenshtok. At the beginning, the company provided labours with ground handling means and agricultural products processing appliances. In 1923 the plant above described was named "Red Grain-Grower" and was producing farming equipment, in the period of 1933-1934 - cotton seeders and poultry equipment. In 1931 it was renamed as Engine Plant  n.a. V. Chubar, in 1938 - renamed for the second time as car-and-tractor overhaul plant. Unfortunately, during the Second World War it was destroyed.  

In 1949 the enterprise was rebuilt and renamed as "Beryslav Mechanical Plant". In the same year it started producing of oil motors with 25-50 hp. Since 1955, the Factory has been producing diesel electric generating stations 4DG 19/30 with capacity of 160-180 hp. Since 1967, hanging aggregates for locomotive, ship and stationary diesels have appeared in its production sphere. Since October 1995, the plant has become a Public Joint Stock Company with the collective ownership. The Number of employees amounts 547 people. The plant possesses a dormitory, rest house and recreation camp.

PJSC "Beryslav Machine-building plant" - it is an enterprise with more than age-old history, the last 30 years it specializes on the production of spare-parts, hanging equipment for locomotive, ship, stationary and tractor diesels, produced both in Ukraine and in other states of the CIS. In this period for assembling production of diesel building enterprises the producing of oil and fuel filters, water coolers, oil and boost air were mastered  by the Plant for acquisition of diesels 21/21, 26/26, 23/30, 25/34, 30/38, 31/36, 40/46.

Nowadays, the enterprise successfully produces air, piston, double-row, vertical electro-compressors of 21. type for the start of ship diesels, diesel-electric settings and also for providing the productive workshops, testing workbench, technical services and other economic objects with compressed air. Electro-compressors are produced in marine (with the Marine Register reception) and in general industrial version. For a motor-vehicle and tractor techniques, oil and fuel filters, cooling radiators for water and oil are produced by the Plant.

Over the last years, producing of spare parts for 6S310DR, 549, 1440, 12vfe 27853, 756, 50, 10100, 211 , - 20 types of diesels and compressors of model 2-, -6, 7, 135, 1 has been elaborated.

In a production course the centrifugal, iron and coloured casting are being used, with the next parameters of body of rotation: internal ? from 60 to 350 mm, outer ? from 76 to 400 mm, length of founding is 1200 mm.

Water-oil, water-moderated and boost air coolers
Intended for oil, water and boost air cooling in the systems of refrigerating, installed in diesel, ship and other diesel installations.
The heat exchange surface is compatible and, depending on operational conditions, is executed  from the monometallic (copper and cupronickel) or bimetallic (supporting pipe is made from cupronickel, outer - from aluminium) ribbed pipes for cooling, made by the method of transversal-spiral rolling-up. There are smoothly-tubular surfaces of heat exchange in water moderated coolers.
Presently, Beryslav Machine-building plant is the only one producer of the hanging aggregates in Ukraine and successfully supplies them to many countries of the world.

PJSC Beryslav Machine-building plant
4300, Beryslav, 
Kherson region, Ukraine
Phone/Fax: (05546) 7-41-20,  7-62-37, 7-49-38
Web-site : http://www.bmz.com.ua

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