Tsurupynsk Garment Factory Yunist, Open-End JSC is a modern garment factory producing a wide range of clothes for men, women, children as well as goods for household purposes.

The Factory started in workshop, used for blankets fabrication and named Metalwares. In 1970 on the basis of this workshop a new garment factory was established and in 1980 complete garment cycle of bed-linen, overclothes, mattresses and other products was started in the four workshops of the factory.

Since March, 2004 Tsurupynsk Garment Factory Yunist, Open-End JSC has become a part of The Community of Proactive Able-to-Work Disabled People Ltd. system, managed by Director General Mr. A. Zhuravko.

Tsurupynsk Garment Factory Yunist, Open-End JSC produces a wide range of garments. All products are created on the basis of ecologically clean raw materials. Except of independent workshops, where the products are manufactures, the Factory possesses its own research-and-development workshop, where new models of wares are developed.

Main products of the Factory

The Factory proposes a wide range of overalls, professional clothing and uniform, working clothes and means of protection for all working categories, different professions, for various working conditions and any temperatures.

Our production garments are manufactured in full accordance with customers demands for such companies as Ukrnafta JSC, NNEGC ENERGOATOM, Ukrainian Railroad Administration (UkrZaliznytsia), Obavtodor of Ukraine. The readymade products totally correspond to all European norms and standards.

When designing our bed-linen we use the most qualitative, fashionable and unique patterns. Bed-linen by Yunist Company is manufactured according to the European size system. All fabrics and material used are supplied from ecologically sound regions of Ukraine (by Ternopol Cotton Factory, Donetsk Cotton Factory) and other European countries: Ivanovo (Russia), Turkey, China, Pakistan, South Korea etc.

Quality, design and attractive price make the basic formula of all knitwear produced by Tsurupynsk Garment Factory Yunist JSC. We are honored to propose you a wide range of knitwear for men, women and children: trousers, jackets, skirts, underwear, ladies jackets, T-shirts, breeches, blouses etc.

Work with the client

After the order is made, calculations and creation of the specific economic model of work with the every single client are being elaborated. We are the chosen suppliers and guarantee high quality of products manufactured by our Factory.

The whole process starting from the idea till the very ready-made garment is running under the strict control of designers, pattern-makers, technologists. Each stage of the production process is confirmed and in case of inconsistencies is corrected till the total correspondence with the clients demands.

Total control of all types of auto transportations and international cargo transportations, partners assistance in interregional cargo transportations, as well as continuous work, aimed at quality improvement of services provided and specialist qualification training can for sure guarantee you a safe and reliable goods delivery.


Address: Engelsa Str., 19,
Tsurupynsk, Kherson region,
75100, Ukraine
Tel./fax: +38 (05542) 2-13-02
Web: www.unost.ks.ua
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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