"Land of Children's Dreams'' Kherson region

There are a lot of unique places on the planet. But Tavria land a real wonder of the world. Coast region stretches almost 200 km. Summer is about 5 months here. Tourists waiting for a wonderful vacation on the shores of the Azov and Black Seas, the Dnieper-Bug estuary. Geographical map can be viewed, not going on a trip around the world! Pass on tours "on geographical map" of Tavria and you will see the reservoir and shipping gateways of Kahovskoe sea, putrid sea Sivash, bays and estuaries, rivers and pine forests, unique in Europe, the desert, hot geysers, lakes, curative mud and salt mines, endless steppes and many other things. Unique thing is the delta of the Dnieper. Two-thirds of the marshes with an endless variety of plants and wildlife. In these places are teeming with over 60 species of fish. Animals and birds live in the known world reserves: Tavriysky steppe at Kinburn Spit, in Nizhnedneprovsk Nature Park, in Askaniya - Nova.

Tavria is rich in history... If you look into the depths under the dust of centuries, we find a rich historical heritage. Myths and legends have a lot of historical evidence. Ancient civilization has been created the Euro-Asian bridge of the ancient cultures since 12 century. It formed the south crossroads of international routes. One of the major world cultures has left us with 3600 ancient burial mounds and other remains of ancient settlements. This land was cultivated by Steppe tribes and Heathens, Antes and Jews, Muslims and Christians, Polovtzy and Cimmerians, Scyphians and Khazars, the Sarmatians and the Greeks, Romans and Turks. In the period of existence of an ancient Slavic settlement - Oleshye (1212) ran through the land routes for hiking Kiev princes from the Normans to the Greeks, they wintered here and gathered their retainers. Later this area became the land of the Cossack will, a haven for the Black Sea Cossacks.

The regional center - Kherson, although it has relatively long history, no less interesting. For its birth it was indebted to big love of Russian Empress and the Most Serene Prince Potemkin. There was their secret wedding, was born and raised their daughter Elizabeth. In Kherson buried, by his own will, Grigory Potemkin. At the court of Catherine the Great called the southern city of Amsterdam, the new Palmyra and the southern capital of the empire. In other words, tourists, traveling Kherson, find new friends and learn about the unique edge polyethnic culture.

For those who want to relax in summer, the region offers a "Land of Children's Dreams'' - recreational facilities, children's camps and youth recreation centers for any taste, on the shore of the Azov and Black seas, healing Skadovsk bay, lakes, unmatched in its beauty, the Dnieper - Bug estuary and etc.

Today the tourists are going on excursions on the coast, folk festivals and carnivals, the interregional, nationwide, international festivals, such as: "Black Sea Games", "Melpomene of Tavria", "Fairy in the sky Tavria" (Festival of Ballooning) "Arabat Stars" ''Watermelon - Sweet Miracle",''Kupalsky Zori", "Tavriyska sim'ya", "Jazz on the sea", "Stars of the new wave, rock-bike-fest "Clean Planet", "Cote d'horizon","Step into the Future" and others.


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