The Pilot Farm Askaniyskoe conducts activity on the area of 10 000 hectares. It is involved in grain crops growing (winter and spring wheat and barley, rye, oat, millet, pea, corn) and livestock farming (cattle, pig and sheep breeding).

The 8 000 hectares of the irrigated lands allows the Farm to get heavy yields of oil-producing crops (sunflower seeds, soya beans, mustard, oil seed rape, flax), feed and technical crops (medick, esparcet, vetch, clover, phacelia), vegetables (tomatoes, cabbage, onion, carrot, beet, etc).

The annual grain produce is 12 000 15 000 tons, sunflower seeds produce is 500 800 tons, soya beans produce is 1 500 2 500 tons, vegetables yield is 200 250 tons. The grain crop capacity is 50 hundreds kilograms per hectare.

The Farm breeds pedigree dairy and beef cattle. The Pilot Farm Askaniyskoe is a breeding centre for the southern type live stock a Ukrainian Black Spotted Dairy Breed, a Southern Beef Breed, and a sheep breeding centre Tavria Type Askania Fine-Wool Sheep. The above-mentioned cattle-breeding complexes have the following annual production capacities:
- 1700-2 000 tons of milk;
- 200-500 tons of meat;
- 120-160 hundreds kilograms of wool.
Milk yield is 4 800 5 000 kg, daily weight gain of cattle is 410 grams, shearing per sheep is 7,8 7,9 kg.

The employees of the Farm are proud of the new dairy production unit with free-stall housing for 400 cows which was opened in 2005. Such a technology allows to get annually 7 000 kg of milk from a cow.

Within the Farm there are processing facilities producing flour, pasta, cereals, breadstuffs, dairy and meat products.

The state-owned Pilot Farm Askaniyskoe is one of the best agricultural enterprises of Kherson region. Despite the crisis suffered by the Ukrainian agricultural sector, Askaniyskoe shows stable and highly effective results acknowledged by numerous awards and prizes. In 2004-2005 the Farm Askaniyskoe was awarded the Best Ukrainian Agricultural Company Diploma. The winter wheat Dryad-1 produced by the Farm got the 100 Best Goods of Ukraine 2004 Award. The Farm has annual awards from the regional authorities for considerable contribution to agriculture development in Ukraine.

The Farm Askaniyskoe cooperates with a number of leading institutes and organizations of Ukrainian agricultural sector among which Ukrainian Institute of Irrigated Farming, Odessa Selection and Genetics Institute, Kharkiv Institute named after V.Yuryev, etc. Cooperation with these scientific institutions allows Askaniyskoe to achieve an annual produce of 3 000 tons of high-reproductive pedigree seeds.

The breeding centres operating within the Pilot Farm (all of them are certified by the Ukrainian Agriculture Ministry) together with the Live Stock Breeding Institute Askania Nova breed hundreds of pedigree cows and fine-wool sheep.

Crops growing and live stock farming are not the only spheres where Askaniyskoe has achieved high results. The Farm has its own processing units. One of them is a flour mill with the annual output of 1,5 thousand tons of best quality flour. There is also a meat processing unit and a diary goods producing section.

Successful planning, wise leadership and persistent work combined with new technologies allow the Farm Askaniyskoe to be a highly profitable company. The challenging plan for the coming 5 years forecasts crop acreage expanding for elite and pedigree seeds growing. Livestock growth and pedigree sheep breeding development are also planned.


Mrs. Vera A. Naydeonova
tel: +38 (05536)91-1-45,91-1-16,
fax: +38 (05536) 91-1-31.
Assistant Director
Mr. Victor G. Naydeonov
mob. +38-050-396-18-06
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web-site :

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